Cactus Education Collective

research-informed practice

Curriculum & Assessment Support

Research-informed improvement to planning and assessment practices in schools across all sectors. Support activities include developing training programs for teachers and school leaders in authentic and aligned transdisciplinary curriculum planning; authentication of Australian curriculum-aligned assessment practices, and support for designing authentic curriculum and assessment strategy.

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authentic aligned assessment practices

Authentic, Aligned Curriculum & Assessment Tools

Misalignment continues to challenge teachers and students alike. Maintaining that ‘alignment story’ from the mandated curriculum in your region, towards rich and meaningful connected learning and assessment experiences is rarely a straightforward path. Through deep, textual and conceptual analysis of curriculum documents, the alignment story can stay authentic and connected to its roots (the curriculum) — while embodying the richness and diversity of the various settings in which it must be implemented. It just needs to be translated into use. I can help with that.

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